Ilan Karavani

Dr. Med. Ilan Karavani

Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Sterstraat 32 B-2018 Antwerpen tel. +32-3-230 40 50 fax. +32-3-230 65 58

Born on the 22nd may 1961. He graduated from high school in the city of Antwerp with the mention "cum maximum lauda" and the special felicitation of the jury.

Enrolled to the medical department of the University of Antwerp he soon shows interest for dermatology and dermatological surgery. He also follows practical education in plastic and reconstructive surgery (1984 - 1987).

During his medical study he is highly active in several research fields including surgery and microcirculation. His extensive research on wound healing leads ultimately to the introduction of the drug "Buflomedil" in this indication at the international congress of vascular diseases in Zurich (1988). Several scientific papers were published in this period.

He completes his residency in dermatology at the University of Antwerp and devellops the department of dermatological surgery under the supervision of the head of department (1987 - 1991).  

He also obtains a degree in cosmetic sciences at the University of Brussels. Shortly after he becomes founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences (BADECOS) (1989).

After residency and obtaining his degree of dermatologist (1991) he follows hands on trainings in reputed centres under leading of world authorities such as Fournier, Mole, Rabineau, Arouete, Robbins, Pollak, Saylan, Fèvre, Alt, etc.
Since 1992 he is teaching dermatological surgery at the University of Antwerp to residents and students in medicine.
Since 1993 he is elected and re-elected President of the Benelux Society for Dermatological Surgery.
Author of more than 85 publications, participated in several television debates on aesthetic surgery, organizer of many congresses including the world congress of the International Society of Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) in 1997 in Amsterdam.
Co-author of the official Dutch textbook on Cosmetic surgery ( June 2000).
Member of the editorial board of two dermatological scientific magazines.

Dr. Karavani is the author of the philosophical novel "Pluk de dag" based on the quantum physics and the energy management.

His achievements led to his nomination for the "WHO'S WHO Historical Society" in the USA.

Aside of his teaching task at the University, Dr. Karavani is leading his private clinic for dermatology, aesthetic surgery, laser surgery and cosmetology.